Skincare by Melissa - Affordable personalized facials with microdermabrasion
Healthy Skin and Body
Set aside an hour of your hectic everyday life to relax. Indulge and enjoy. Place your worries to the side,
take time to pamper you and your skin. What ever your desire may be to improve through a series of treatments you are guaranteed to look in the mirror and see the difference...
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We are located at 715 East Roosevelt Rd
Lombard, Illinois 

Anti-aging Facial  An intense moisturizing facial to soften fine lines and wrinkles.
Microdermabrasion  A machine assisted skin exfoliation treatment. Improves conditions of the surface such as early sun damage, fine lines, aging spots, unclog pores, acne and scarring. 3-6 treatments recommended.
Chemical Peel a mulit-acid, multi-enzyme peeling solution suitable for all skin types. Minimal irritation, almost no down time, fabulous corrective action; clears acne, reduces age spots, melasma, discoloration. Improves skin texture and tone. Softens crows feet, fine lines, wrinkles. 3-6 treatments recommended.

  • Microdermabrasion                                   40.00                                             
  • Microderm with facial                               65.00
  • Chemical Peel                                              50.00
  • Back treatment                                            50.00
  • hydrating facial                                            35.00
  • Lip wax.                                                       12.00
  • Eyebrow wax.                                              12.00
  • Underarm                                                     15.00
  • Bikini                                                            25.00
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